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Things continue to be very busy, but I hope to get a chance to update this site properly soon. Please check back again for additional projects both old and new. More information and images for works currently listed will be made available as well. Thank you very much for your patience and interest. In the meantime, more information about my practice and projects can be found below, in print and film/video, or elsewhere online by doing a quick search.


Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts: 2012 Artist Prize

I’m incredibly honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2012 TFVA Artist Prize. It was also a great honour to have been a finalist alongside fellow nominees Abbas Akhavan and Aleesa Cohene. Thank you very much again to the TFVA for this great recognition and their fantastic support.


Great Minds of Design: CBC Documentary

Tune into the CBC’s Documentary channel at 8:00 pm on April 23, 2012, to catch the first episode of Great Minds of Design: Urban Redesign. The show follows my good friends, and occasional collaborators, Eric Cheung and Posterchild, and me as we create some of our public interventions.

Hot Docs Opening Night at the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto)

The Canadian premier of Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, a documentary directed by Alison Klayman, opens Toronto’s Hot Docs festival this year. In conjunction, my Love the Future / Free Ai Weiwei project will installed for the opening night event at the ROM on April 26, 2012.

Love the Future / Free Ai Weiwei, 2011

This Space Available: Feature length documentary screening in Toronto

On May 10, 2012, This Space Available will be screening as part of the tiff.nexwave School Programme. The film is a feature length documentary directed by Gwenaëlle Gobé about the proliferation of invasive public advertising and includes art takeovers such as the our NYSAT and TOSAT projects.

Earth Day Canada Gala 2012

On June 6th, I will be part of the environmental art showcase of the 2012 Earth Day Canada Gala at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

NATURE, 2009

As always, there’s lots more on the go than what’s listed above. Check back soon for new items.


PAPIER12: Contemporary Art Fair of Works on Paper

Just came back from Montreal this week. Toronto’s KWT Contemporary kindly invited me to bring my Love the Future / Free Ai Weiwei project and some prints as a guest artist to their booth at PAPIER12, an international art fair of paper based works.

C Magazine Auction 2012: Contemporary Art Fundraiser

On April 11 at MOCCA (the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto), a limited-edition print of my FREE piece was sold at the the 2012 C Magazine art auction.

FREE, 2009

NOW: A Collaborative Project with Sean Martindale and Pascal Paquette at the Art Gallery of Ontario

We just wrapped-up our two-person show at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I’m very happy to have been paired with artist Pascal Paquette (aka Chou) by curator Katherine Dennis to develop new work for this collaborative project in the AGO’s Toronto Now contemporary gallery. This show had multiple elements, and  continued to change and evolve over the course of our run at the AGO from January 20 until April 1, 2012.

For more information, check the links below:

Slightly Less Recent

It was an honour to be selected as the speaker for the tenth anniversary of the annual Hart House Hancock Lecture series at the University of Toronto. My talk, titled “Playful Interventions: Engaging Our Urban Environments”, took place on October 27, 2011.

More information can be found on the Hart House website:

Playful Interventions: Engaging Our Urban Environments

TVO also filmed my Hancock lecture at Hart House this past October for their Big Ideas program. The episode first aired at 5:00pm (EST) on Saturday, March 10, 2012, but can also be streamed online:

In March, I had the pleasure of speaking and leading a quick and informal workshop at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of SHIFT 2012, an free, annual, student-run planning conference.


Here are links to images and information about a couple of ongoing projects I’ve selected from last Spring/Summer (2011):

Love the Future / Free Ai Weiwei

Outside the Planter Boxes

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